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Miley Cyrus, Hip hop, Classism, and racism: My rant

Im sorry if this doesnt make much sense because the words I type will come flooding out of my brain in a moment induced by my rage at other peoples ignorance and acceptance of Miley Cyrus’ blatantly racist music video for “We cant stop”

I dont have a problem with the song itself. It is what it is. Pop singers have glorified the partying lifestyle for as long as there has been pop music, I also really hate pulling the race card when it comes to music, especially rap. Eminem and Slug of atmosphere are two of my favorite rappers ever and undoubtedly some of the G.O.A.T.s in the genre. Their work speaks for itself. Both are white males. Macklemore is doing his thing as a socially conscience white rapper and making history as being the first rapper to openly support gay rights and first indie rapper to debut at number 1. White people embracing and becoming a part of hip hop culture is good in my book. Im Hispanic for whatever its worth.

What makes Mileys video so offensive is that she not only portrays almost every single negative stereotype of black people in urban enviroments, she uses black people as accessories in the video. From the way she smacks the stereotypical black girl with a big ass, twerking to popping a grill in her front teeth and winking at the camera, she covers all the bases pretty well. She may as well have done it in blackface.

If Miley grew up in the ghetto of Detroit, poor as shit, with mainly black friends, and faced the discrimination they faced on a day to day basis, this video MAY have been ok. But she didnt.

I remember the song “Be a nigger too” by Nas detailing peoples desire to be “nigga”. He details all the bad things that comes associated with being a “nigga” and considers other minorities, whether racial or socio economic that have faced discrimination as his niggas. He even defended Eminem and his use of the word in one of his early raps. I dont think the experiences he describes in his song were any Miley had to face growing up.

When asked about it in interviews, she simply states its something “fun” and “not her”. This is offensive to a fan of hip hop because she treats hip hop like its something dirty and not something to be a part of. To make an analogy, she has a few beers on the weekend but shes not a raging, pants shitting alcoholic..or at least thats how she see hip hop (and black culture). I dont care if thats a good analogy but I hope you get my point.

I dont know why she would treat hip hop like its something dirty because its arguably in its best place ever. Kendrick Lamar is a Compton native and arguably the best rapper out right now. He openly criticizes the gang culture of Compton and doesn’t smoke weed while maintaining the respect of everyone in the industry. 10 years ago this never would have been possible. Can you imagine a successful rapper out of Compton that wasnt gang banging or smoking pot in 2003?

I have nothing against pot btw but its refreshing to see someone going against the grain while maintaining respect and not being discredited and being judged by the quality of their work.

I can go on and on all day but I wont because I feel like Ive ranted long enough. Ill just leave with a few closing thoughts.

I dont understand why in our day and age, where our president is black, the best rapper is white, and minority culture in general is blending with mainstream culture do we allow this as acceptable entertainment when it is blatantly racist. Im sure Ill piss someone off and theyll inbox me with some racial slurs but I guess that comes with the territory of being a nigga too. :-)



Are you fucking serious? I’m keeping their names here so everyone can see these dicks.
This was a post on a page called Fuckin’ Aleks on Facebook, and then shared onto a page called Raichu.
The admins on Raichu and several others continued to add comments like the ones shown in the photo above.
People are sick.

I swear to god if it weren’t for tumblr I would have lost faith in humanity so log ago…

This is just so awful

Terrible. Shes a human being. Treat her like one. 

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Female fitspo is my male fitspo

The woman that I would try, is happy with a good guy

I dont get why some guys are SO against chicks with short hair.

Seriously. Short hair on women compliments all their best facial features. No hair to hide behind.

Alison Brie would get it. HARD.


If you’re Muslim and you either plot to kill or actually do kill people you’re considered a terrorist. But if you’re an American, you’re not a terrorist you’re a psycho!

Not always true. Timothy Mcveigh. 

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Someone talk to me

Questions Im not looking forward to this holiday season

  • "Do you have a girlfriend?"
  • "Why dont you have a girlfriend?"
  • "Are you gonna go back to college?"
  • "I thought you stopped drinking?"
  • "Are you going to church with us?"
  • "Why arent you going to church with us?"
  • "Do you have a job?"
  • "You work where?!"
  • "Why dont you talk?"
  • "Why do you look angry?"
  • "Dont you think you should have moved out by now?" 

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. I hate being in my 20s. I know Im a loser but these questions just seem to rub salt in all my loser wounds.